Hopscotch Bar, South Perth, Western Australia

Hospitality Interior Design Services

271 sqm including commercial kitchen, and toilets
Photos by Ryan North, Evolve Design

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Hopscotch Bar – Transforming spaces through Interior Design

As South Perth didn’t have much choice in small bars, the client wanted to provide a new “local” for the residents of South Perth to enjoy good food and drink in a beautiful environment. It would be a place for all ages to come and feel comfortable, whether as a group for happy hour or a tasty meal for two.

This particular project involved in depth negotiations and working closely with the relevant government authorities. The original building was previously an old supermarket that had numerous extensions over the years leaving a hodgepodge of uneven slabs, crumbling brick walls, and a severely damaged roof. It was in such a bad state that significant structural repairs, including a new roof, had to be completed before any interior works could commence. In excess of 300mm of new concrete was poured to create an even floor. Although supported by local residents, there were issues with opening a bar across the street from a school.

After winning support from the residents and the local authorities, Hopscotch Bar opened with no name and almost no advertising. Despite this, the bar was filled to capacity with a line of patrons waiting to enter within hours of opening its doors.