Vetwest, Ellenbrook, Western Australia

Medical Interior Design Services

New build, 290sm Veterinary Clinic
Builder: Perth Citi Fitouts

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Vetwest, Medical interior design for our loyal companions

Vetwest is a well established provider in WA with over 15 clinic locations throughout Perth. Eager to open a new location in Ellenbrook, Stiely Design worked closely with a team of vets and veterinary professionals to design the new purpose built facilities.  Implementing the “Vetwest standards of care” was priority one and Vetwest has well established guidelines to ensure their patients are treated efficiently and effectively, whether it be for a routine exam or urgent medical care.  Circulation, adjacencies and line of sight were critical when planning the new layout. Furniture and finishes also needed to ensure the Vetwest identity was maintained.
Vetwest was very happy with the end result.  So much so, that Perth Citi Fitout, Stiely Design and Vetwest teamed up again to complete their latest location in Mandurah, WA.