The Shipping Lane Restaurant, North Fremantle, Western Australia

Restaurant Interior Design / Project Management

285 sqm including commercial kitchen, toilets and retail area
Photos by Ryan North, Evolve Design

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Perth Shipping Lane Restaurant Interior Design and Project Management

In the new, upscale area of Leighton Beach, there is limited choice for entertainment. The client wanted to create a venue that welcomed everyone, from those dressed for an evening out to those walking in off the beach with sandy feet, to enjoy fine food and the beautiful view. He also saw the need to provide everyday basics (milk, ice cream, newpapers) for the residents living in the surrounding apartments.

This space was nothing but a concrete shell but had amazing views out to sea, perfect for watching the steady stream of freighters lining up to enter Fremantle Port on the horizon.  Although the tenancy had lots of potential, it came with an incredibly difficult list of strata restrictions. Several committee meetings were required to win over the residents of this complex, most of whom were extremely wary of having a (potentially) loud and busy restaurant adjacent to their homes. Common walls needed special treatment to ensure no resident was affected by the new restaurant. Nothing could be fixed to the common areas, and all alfresco furnishings needed to be easily removable, leaving no trace, before the restaurant closed each night. Construction also needed to be scheduled to ensure no resident was affected by noise or trades.

Once The Shipping Lane opened, even the toughest residents’ in the complex were converted and are now regular customers. Liz Sheehan from The Sydney Morning Herald has said:

“A mixture of tanned beauties, families, dog walkers, beach goers and the fitness heads make themselves at home among the industrial vs retro decor. There is something warm and inviting about this restaurant; maybe it’s the soft finishes and wood contrasting the galvanised steel, or the staff who can’t do enough for you. But whatever it is, the designer nailed it.”