Inlite Showroom, Northbridge, Western Australia

Award Winning Showroom/ Retail Interior Design

Photos by Ryan North, Evolve Design
(Lead designer while working with Habitat 1)

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Inlite – From dilapidated warehouse to stunning retail showroom

This existing warehouse hadn’t been used for years and was a deteriorating mess of maze-like corridors, illegal plumbing lines, and countless floor levels. The current owners weren’t keen to lease the space and were holding for future development. Our client had a vision and felt this was the perfect space to create a lighting showroom that didn’t look like a retail showroom and would be a great space for parties. As the lead designer, I wanted to preserve the history of the old flour mill, as it had a story to tell.

Navigating through the existing conditions and the heritage council were the biggest challenges. However, we were able to pull the space back to its original integrity and apply the right mix to create an efficient working office plus showroom. It won a Design Institute of Australia (DIA) award with the judges making the following comments:

“Highly contemporary materials join the distinctive qualities that are inherent in aged materials, their differences in texture, reflection, colour and time meet to enhance each other. The designer has mastered constraints within this project with innovation including creating a new room with a shipping container. Thoughtful and subtle design moves have dealt with pre-existing structural elements to create simple, meaningful moments that in a lesser designer’s hands may well have become awkward obstacles.”